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I feel PMS coming on…god help the people around me (especially my hubby who has to feel the brisk of it)….. having shit loadsa work piling up in my tray isnt helping. I could quite easily burst into floods of tears, the only thing keeping me sane is the trigger happy effect the mars bar I’m consuming is having………. Damn you master foods!

Ive just been feeling down in the dumps lately and its having horrible adverse effects (sitting in my lovely garden isnt even working). Eating more and more junk food has turned my slim line stomach (coughs) in to somewhat of a bouncy castle & im not even going to start on my thunder thighs!!!!!! I need to go on a diet & start exercising vigorously if I want to try and avoid looking like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters . That’s it, out comes the dance workout video… oh whats the point, i probably end up watching it whilst devouring a tub of ben and jerry’s 😦


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After a frantic couple of months, I’ve finally managed to get down and blog something.

I had been meaning to blog my review of Egypt since January but due to a series of unfortunate events I havent got round to even transferring my holiday snaps onto the computer!!!

The last month has bought positive change though!!! After searching for that ‘perfect home’ for 1 and half years, Ive finally managed to find the perfect house and even better I’ve moved in!!!

The house is absolutely beautiful & has so much character to it!!! My humble abode consists of very dated features…….. but in due course (as & when I have money J ), it’ll change to a very tasteful decor.

Coming back after a hard days work to a beautiful garden with a backdrop of countryside has proved to be very satisfying…………. The challenge that remains now is acquiring some furniture (yep u read right, I only have 2 garden chairs and a bed to my name at the moment).

PS: My review of Egypt should follow shortly 😀

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