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Hahahahaha – I laughed so hard after watching this thriller remake that I nearly choked on my tongue!!!! BTW it has english subtitles.. lol


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Hey Baby

So last weekend me, the hubby, my bro in law and sis in laws decided that we all should do something together. So as usual we all opted to go to Star City to catch a film………. We also managed to convince my burkha cladded mother in law to come as well.. this was to be the first time my mother in law was to step foot into a cinema. Bless her cotton socks, she was so nervous. She thought she was going to be the butt of all jokes being a hijaby/jilaby and all that but much to her surprise when she got to the cinema she felt at ease as there were so many hijabies and we even spotted some niqabies.

Anyway we were scanning through the listings to find something ‘clean’ to watch, it was a toss between some pakistani film and Hey Baby, both seemed to have a decent certificate. In the end we opted to watch Hey Baby as I felt the pakistani film might have been a bit melodramatic for me *pictures Sultan Rahi shouting at the top of his lungs*

All I can say is arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg the film all in all was good but there were scenes where I just wished the ground would open up and swallow me!!! It was a bad choice to watch with the MIL – she felt uncomfortable watching some scenes and it made me even more uncomfortable watching her!!! I just wished I could grab some kinda remote, switch the channel and comment at how nice the popcorn was.

At the end of the film on our way to the car my husband being the clown he is decided to ask her how she found the film, she replied

“Uff tauba – Aaj kaal ni filma – Khas ghar jareh ghaneh ya” for those who dont understand the transalation ‘WTF – what kinda film was that” (obviously this included reading in between the lines) 😐 NEVER AGAIN!

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Istanbul – Turkey

I cant believe a year has gone by since I got married!!!! I still feel like a newly wed, being a working woman I tend to spend more time with my work colleagues than my hubby! Now that is a scary thought!!!

Anyway to celebrate our first wedding anniversary me and my hubby booked a last minute getaway to Turkey!!! I havent even finished my Egypt review and already I want to write my thoughts on Turkey…… For now in summary Ive just got to say its well worth a visit but being a city there is no beach near by so for all you beach lovers this might not be the trip for you. All in all ive got to say I’d give it a 10 out 10. I’ll be sure to write a review followed with pictures sometime this year 😀

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I absolutely love this show!!! I must be the only person who is watching the show on the box as opposed to having downloaded and clocked it a century ago – In about 45 mins Im to watch episodes 7 & 8 and Im sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation. The last episode ‘Better Halves’ had an excellent cliff hanger which has left me drawing all sorts of conclusions…. (as you can tell im trying to not reveal the plot for users who may not yet have seen the drama but are hoping to soon). Surely such an addiction to a mere TV program can’t be normal………. I really do need to get a life!

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The great pyramid & The Sphinx

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The pyramids were not how I had imagined them to be but none the less it was an experience. The pyramids are located In Giza and are visible throughout most of the city. People have the option of actually going into the pyramids to visit the burial chamber; a ticket can be purchased for any one of the pyramids at the ticket office on site. I would suggest visiting the second pyramid as it is not as steep as the Great Pyramid & not as small as the last.People with claustrophobia, back pains, stomach problems should avoid this as it involves literally bending down to almost being on your knees and ploughing through a very steep and narrow passage with no air ventilation what so ever. There were times when I felt weasey as it was so stuffy, my poor mother really wanted to see the burial chamber inside the pyramid, she made an attempt to come inside but after a couple of steps retreated back due to her stomach giving her problems.

On reaching the burial chamber we were greeted by some local freak in a black gown, who started chanting some weird shit – all I heard was blah blah blah Tutankhamen and then he stuck his hand out………… I assumed at this point he wanted me to give him some money………. I just looked at his face giving him one of my WTF looks!!! I somehow dodged him and made my way back……… I quickly glimpsed back and saw the guy behind me giving the guy US dollars!!!!! Anyway after that bizarre encounter I headed towards the Sphinx which is a short walk away.

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Khan El Khalil Bazaar

Located just opposite the Al Husayn mosque is the Khan El Khalil Bazaar.  Here you’ll find almost everything from jewellery, fabrics, and dishes to furniture; again it’s a great place to test your haggling skills.  A tip I got from a local was to quote half of the price the shop keeper is offering and then work your way from there.  If he/she still doesn’t budge then walk away, more than likely he’ll/she’ll call you back to give you a better offer. I personally found the experience a little daunting and tiring as there are almost 4000 shops/stalls but I soon had my batteries recharged after stopping off at one of the many coffee shops to toss down some renowned Egyptian mint tea (mint tea is a must try)

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The tomb of Husayn

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For those who are not familiar with the history of the mosque here is a brief Intro:

Husayn Ibn Ali (the forth caliph) was the beloved Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) grandson. Husayn was pressed by the Ummah to take the caliphate after his father was assassinated but was killed in the battle of Karbala.

A head believed to be Husayn’s was brought to Cairo and a shrine was built for it on the site of the mosque.

Al-Husayn mosque is a major landmark for all Muslims, be it Sunni or Shiite

Just witnessing the beautiful shrine was marvelous & I couldn’t quite comprehend the thought of actually being there (I don’t think I still can).

The peace and tranquility I experienced here was just out of this world. I could have easily sat here for hours and hours marvelling the shrine and watching the world go by

The mosque is located within walking distance of the Muhammad Ali Mosque

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