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It seems like Eid has been split once again across two days……. Half of my family are celebrating Eid tomorrow and the other half on Saturday…… For once why can’t there be a unanimous decision on when Eid is…..

Anyway Eid Mubarak to you all……….May Allah help us continue the good habits we have acquired during Ramadan…… Ameen


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Not a happy bunny

Last week has just been such a testing time!!! It started with PMS and then went on to my car breaking down in the middle of no where to me getting a monstrous ear infection caused by the cold that was circling the office which in turn ruptured by ear drum. I was up all night crying like a baby as the pain was unbearable (You could literally hear me barling down the road – and yes my pain threshold is very low) and today I’m in bed not being able to hear anything with my left ear apart from a constant ringing………. *sighs*

On top of things it might be Eid tomorrow and I’m in no state to start circling relatives houses. As for Eid clothes I bought some material but left it too late to give to a tailor to get sewn….. (Its times like this I wish I knew how to sew.. ), luckily I found some clothes that I had bought last year that I never got to wore so I guess they’ll have to do….

Things can only get better ???!!!??

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