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The great pyramid & The Sphinx

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The pyramids were not how I had imagined them to be but none the less it was an experience. The pyramids are located In Giza and are visible throughout most of the city. People have the option of actually going into the pyramids to visit the burial chamber; a ticket can be purchased for any one of the pyramids at the ticket office on site. I would suggest visiting the second pyramid as it is not as steep as the Great Pyramid & not as small as the last.People with claustrophobia, back pains, stomach problems should avoid this as it involves literally bending down to almost being on your knees and ploughing through a very steep and narrow passage with no air ventilation what so ever. There were times when I felt weasey as it was so stuffy, my poor mother really wanted to see the burial chamber inside the pyramid, she made an attempt to come inside but after a couple of steps retreated back due to her stomach giving her problems.

On reaching the burial chamber we were greeted by some local freak in a black gown, who started chanting some weird shit – all I heard was blah blah blah Tutankhamen and then he stuck his hand out………… I assumed at this point he wanted me to give him some money………. I just looked at his face giving him one of my WTF looks!!! I somehow dodged him and made my way back……… I quickly glimpsed back and saw the guy behind me giving the guy US dollars!!!!! Anyway after that bizarre encounter I headed towards the Sphinx which is a short walk away.


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Mohammed Ali Mosque Cairo

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The most convenient way of getting to Cairo from Sharm was obviously by plane which costs around £180 pp but being the tight ass that I am I decided I was going to save money and took the bus instead (£ 25 pp). After a painstaking & bloodcurdling 7 hour coach ride from Sharm El Sheikh I arrived in Cairo. In comparison to Sharm naturally Cairo had a very unique ambience & aura (Sharm being a plastic resort). The Islamic heritage is apparent in the local buildings & people. It is an absolutely amazing city. To make the most of my stay in Cairo I had hired a guide and our first stop was to be the:

Muhammad Ali Mosque

The Muhammad Ali Mosque is one of the landmarks and tourist attractions of Cairo and is one of the first features to be seen when approaching the city from no matter which side. The mosque is modeled after the Yeni Mosque in Istanbul and is a magnificent specimen of Islamic art & architecture (hiring the guide paid off). Every nook and cranny has a story to tell. I would definitely recommend hiring a guide or getting someone from the mosque to explain the history behind the architecture.

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Sharm El Sheikh

egypt 055

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Water Sports such as paragliding, jetsking, banana boats are freely available on most of the beaches at a reasonable rate.

The world famous Ras Mohammed National Park is also based in Egypt which is a diver’s heaven as it hosts beautiful coral and fish.

Quad Biking – By far this had to be one of my most favourite sports…….. Quad Biking in the dessert is just awesome. Apart from looking like we were on a terrorist training camp & not being given a safety helmet, I would definitely recommend booking a session. Prices range from around 15-20 quid for around an hour (which is a lot cheaper than the UK) and is bookable through any local excursion outlet.

The quad biking session involved driving through some of the most amazing dessert scenery to a nearby Bedouin village where we stopped at a small tent for some mint chai.

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Egypt here I come!

OOO yeah OOO yeah (does a little dance), so I’m off to sunny old Egypt on Sunday with me maaam, dad & sisters! It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time now & it’ll give me a chance to bond with the ‘rents, especially dad.

Dad hasn’t had a holiday in 20 odd years, dunno how I managed to convince him to come to Egypt, but he seems ever so excited too! He has always worked so hard…..as a kid I remember him always working to feed & clothe our family of 8….. To be honest nothing has changed really…. he still works hard…….. the difference is now he’s a lot older (he’s aged a lot quicker than he should have done). It’s about time he put his feet up and hopefully after this holiday he is going to want to take regular breaks.

Since marriage there seems to be a distance that has grown between me and my parents & it’s something I’m not accustomed to. My parents can be annoying & irritating at times (aren’t they all) but I do love them dearly and seem to value them more than ever now….

Mums trying to give the impression that she would have preferred going to Pakistan but I can see secretly she’s excited too.

I want to make this a special holiday, one that we all remember, so I’ve started the planning the week already. I think I’m going to need another holiday just to recover from this one:|

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is having to wake up at 3:00 am in order to catch my flight on time 😐

PS: I shall be posting a review on Egypt accompanied with pictures taken by moi on my return: D


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