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I lurveeeeeeeee Primark – There I said it!!!! When you have a few squid to your name and in desperate need of some retail therapy…….. Primark (and H&M) is a god send!!!

Yesterday I trailed through the long line of men outside primark(men that hate shopping but have tagged along with their other halves) into the store diving straight into the parade of ladies infront of me almost tripping over my own feet.  I came out of the storm with a nice kaftan which goes very nicely with a bracelet & indigo jeans I have………Im quite chuffed with my purchase

Those of you who have visited the store will know what im talking about……… Shopping at Primark is a challenge in itself.  You’ll always find an absurd amount of ladies combing through size 16 plus clothes hoping to find an item of clothing sized between 8-12.  Then as a a decent piece of clothing unfolds you’ll get 50 women jump for it!!!


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