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Istanbul – Turkey

I cant believe a year has gone by since I got married!!!! I still feel like a newly wed, being a working woman I tend to spend more time with my work colleagues than my hubby! Now that is a scary thought!!!

Anyway to celebrate our first wedding anniversary me and my hubby booked a last minute getaway to Turkey!!! I havent even finished my Egypt review and already I want to write my thoughts on Turkey…… For now in summary Ive just got to say its well worth a visit but being a city there is no beach near by so for all you beach lovers this might not be the trip for you. All in all ive got to say I’d give it a 10 out 10. I’ll be sure to write a review followed with pictures sometime this year 😀


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The great pyramid & The Sphinx

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The pyramids were not how I had imagined them to be but none the less it was an experience. The pyramids are located In Giza and are visible throughout most of the city. People have the option of actually going into the pyramids to visit the burial chamber; a ticket can be purchased for any one of the pyramids at the ticket office on site. I would suggest visiting the second pyramid as it is not as steep as the Great Pyramid & not as small as the last.People with claustrophobia, back pains, stomach problems should avoid this as it involves literally bending down to almost being on your knees and ploughing through a very steep and narrow passage with no air ventilation what so ever. There were times when I felt weasey as it was so stuffy, my poor mother really wanted to see the burial chamber inside the pyramid, she made an attempt to come inside but after a couple of steps retreated back due to her stomach giving her problems.

On reaching the burial chamber we were greeted by some local freak in a black gown, who started chanting some weird shit – all I heard was blah blah blah Tutankhamen and then he stuck his hand out………… I assumed at this point he wanted me to give him some money………. I just looked at his face giving him one of my WTF looks!!! I somehow dodged him and made my way back……… I quickly glimpsed back and saw the guy behind me giving the guy US dollars!!!!! Anyway after that bizarre encounter I headed towards the Sphinx which is a short walk away.

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