I lurveeeeeeeee Primark – There I said it!!!! When you have a few squid to your name and in desperate need of some retail therapy…….. Primark (and H&M) is a god send!!!

Yesterday I trailed through the long line of men outside primark(men that hate shopping but have tagged along with their other halves) into the store diving straight into the parade of ladies infront of me almost tripping over my own feet.  I came out of the storm with a nice kaftan which goes very nicely with a bracelet & indigo jeans I have………Im quite chuffed with my purchase

Those of you who have visited the store will know what im talking about……… Shopping at Primark is a challenge in itself.  You’ll always find an absurd amount of ladies combing through size 16 plus clothes hoping to find an item of clothing sized between 8-12.  Then as a a decent piece of clothing unfolds you’ll get 50 women jump for it!!!



I was just about to knock off to sleep when I heard a barrage of buzzes coming from my side of the bed!!! I jumped out of bed thinking I was going to be attacked by a swarm of bees but then recomposed myself, it was midnight, why on earth would I be hearing bees at this time……. I approached the window and the noise got louder….. It seems like I have a BEE HIVE just below my bedroom window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If that wasn’t enough, around 7 wasps strolled their way into my bedroom & the buzzing was now driving me nuts……
My husband fed up from my constant tossing, turning and tutting got up and a moment later the wasps met their fate ……… muahahahahahahahahahahahahah (actually I do feel a tad guilty)Dead Wasps

Now to deal with the hive!!!!  First I’m in need of some retail therapy………

White guy does bollywood

One of my favourite videos…… Makes me laugh every time! For all of you in need of a chuckle……. this is a must watch!!! Let me know what you think!

Indian Idol 3

This is the only “Asian” program I watch religiously and I’ve got to say that I was so disappointed to hear that Ankita Mishra, the only female left in the contest had been voted out! I would have expected her to at least be in the top 3. Prashaant has been so lucky as he should have really been in the bottom 2 and maybe the judges should have done more to keep her Ankita in (this is the feminist in me talking)…….. It was definitely a tear jerking episode….

Anyway I personally feel that Amit ‘ball/bawl/bored’???? should win. I guess only time will tell!!! (OMG – I just realised that I know all the contestants by name- what has become of me – I need to get a life)

Hahahahaha – I laughed so hard after watching this thriller remake that I nearly choked on my tongue!!!! BTW it has english subtitles.. lol

Hey Baby

So last weekend me, the hubby, my bro in law and sis in laws decided that we all should do something together. So as usual we all opted to go to Star City to catch a film………. We also managed to convince my burkha cladded mother in law to come as well.. this was to be the first time my mother in law was to step foot into a cinema. Bless her cotton socks, she was so nervous. She thought she was going to be the butt of all jokes being a hijaby/jilaby and all that but much to her surprise when she got to the cinema she felt at ease as there were so many hijabies and we even spotted some niqabies.

Anyway we were scanning through the listings to find something ‘clean’ to watch, it was a toss between some pakistani film and Hey Baby, both seemed to have a decent certificate. In the end we opted to watch Hey Baby as I felt the pakistani film might have been a bit melodramatic for me *pictures Sultan Rahi shouting at the top of his lungs*

All I can say is arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg the film all in all was good but there were scenes where I just wished the ground would open up and swallow me!!! It was a bad choice to watch with the MIL – she felt uncomfortable watching some scenes and it made me even more uncomfortable watching her!!! I just wished I could grab some kinda remote, switch the channel and comment at how nice the popcorn was.

At the end of the film on our way to the car my husband being the clown he is decided to ask her how she found the film, she replied

“Uff tauba – Aaj kaal ni filma – Khas ghar jareh ghaneh ya” for those who dont understand the transalation ‘WTF – what kinda film was that” (obviously this included reading in between the lines) 😐 NEVER AGAIN!

Istanbul – Turkey

I cant believe a year has gone by since I got married!!!! I still feel like a newly wed, being a working woman I tend to spend more time with my work colleagues than my hubby! Now that is a scary thought!!!

Anyway to celebrate our first wedding anniversary me and my hubby booked a last minute getaway to Turkey!!! I havent even finished my Egypt review and already I want to write my thoughts on Turkey…… For now in summary Ive just got to say its well worth a visit but being a city there is no beach near by so for all you beach lovers this might not be the trip for you. All in all ive got to say I’d give it a 10 out 10. I’ll be sure to write a review followed with pictures sometime this year 😀